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Automatic debris removal solutions for water intake

Brackett Green® Cable Hauled Raking Machine

The Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machine is an established automatic raking machine designed to effectively remove coarse debris and protect downstream equipment for land drainage, nuclear power, hydro power, cooling water and wastewater applications.

The Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machine is a single channel trash rake system that cleans and discharges debris directly into a deck mounted gulley. The head section incorporates lifting and pivoting drive units that operate the rake skip carriage, providing a simple, fully automated operation for 24-hour coverage.

High capacity debris removal

The Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machine offers fully automated operation for 24-hour availability that can effectively lower operating costs by protecting downstream processes. It can either be supplied as a cost effective civil mounted shaft hoisting assembly or as a complete fabricated assembly capable of withstanding the most extreme application and environmental demands.

The Ovivo team works closely with all partners to assist with their debris removal needs by providing:

  • Feed studies
  • Customisable designs for a range of channel widths and depths
  • Bar screens designed to accommodate high differential applications
  • Seismically qualified for nuclear power applications
  • Life cycle cost analysis

Fully customisable for a range of water intakes

The Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machine is a fully customisable and automated system that offers a range of benefits that place it ahead of alternatives on the market.

The Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machine has the following features and benefits:

  • A fully customisable head section to match your civil work
  • Designed to maintain operability during and after high load applications, such as extreme debris influxes or Seismic events
  • A capacity of up to 500 kg (1,102 lbs) safe working load (debris loading)
  • opsCTRL™ enabled to allow remote digital monitoring and diagnostics from mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Low noise operation for urban sites

A solution that combines innovation and experience

The Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machine comprises a deck mounted head frame structure, incorporating lifting and pivoting drive units, which operate a rake skip and carriage assembly. The rake skip and carriage assembly descend in the guides, allowing the replaceable tine plates to engage with the bar screens. Upon engaging with the bar screen, the rake skip and carriage ascends to deck level where the wiper arm discharges debris into the gully.

opsCTRL, supplied as standard with all Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machines, allows remote monitoring, Ovivo service engineer contact, storage of O&M manuals and predictive maintenance tracking.

Ovivo has been installing Brackett Green Cable Hauled Raking Machines in the world’s most demanding power generation applications for over half a century. This reliable system, which can be customised to client specifications, features the following technical details:

  •   Grippers available in widths of up to 5 m (16.4 ft)
  •   Barscreen spacing from 10 to 200 mm (0.4 to 7.8 in) and more
  •   Intake depths of up to 40 m (131  ft)
  •   Robust design capable of sustaining high differentials
  •   A range of fully customisable materials