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Thermal Hydrolysis Process


LysoTherm is a continuous, steam and chemical-free process for the thermal disintegration of sludge, which is ideal for plants looking to increase volatile solids reduction, gas production and improve dewatering.

Lysotherm is an efficient and low-cost system that can be used for the thermal disintegration of primary and waste-activated sludge (pre-configuration) to produce Class A biosolids and for the conditioning of digested sludge (looped configuration).

The LysoTherm process is flexible, versatile and modular in construction, which can help reduce construction costs and tankage needs by decreasing digester volume requirements. The system further helps increase gas production for energy generation and improves biosolids dewatering to reduce the amount of biosolids hauled from the plant and their associated costs, including helping produce Class A biosolids.

Flexible and operator friendly system

The LysoTherm is a fully automated system with very low O&M requirements.

  • No steam or chemicals needed for hydrolysis
  • Continuous operation
  • Increased gas production
  • Improved Dewatering and higher VSR leading to reduced amount of sludge hauled off the plant
  • User and maintenance-friendly – uses a fully automated cleaning system
  • Easy to install – plug & play design is easy to install
  • Modular plant design – space-saving system with small footprint

The LysoTherm Thermal Hydrolysis system enhances the anaerobic digestion process at wastewater treatment plants, helping increase the volatile solid destruction and thereby increasing biogas/methane production. This feature can help generate electricity, allowing the plant to achieve net-zero energy consumption or even a positive energy balance.

The LysoTherm process uses high temperature and pressure to treat sludge but does not require any steam or chemicals as part of the process. Using a series of heat exchangers, sludge is continuously heated to a temperature of 160° Celsius (320° F). After heating, the sludge remains under pressure in the reactor where its structure undergoes cracking. This results in improved conversion of organic matter into methane gas during the digestion process.

LysoClean™ Clean-in-Place Technology is a system that is included as standard with the LysoTherm for regular and automated cleaning of the modules. LysoClean allows fully automated cleaning of the system with limited operator intervention, maximising system uptime as a result.