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Externally separated and regenerated mixed bed polishers


Movex is used to regenerate mixed bed ion exchange resins. The system is typically used on demineralisation and condensate polishing plants that have multiple large service vessels and a central resin regeneration facility.

The Movex system is used for mixed bed external regeneration on demineralisation and condensate polishing systems. Movex can be supplied as a simple single vessel design or a multiple vessel arrangement depending on site treated water requirements and available footprint.

Movex Technical Data

External resin regeneration is key to good quality water production, ensuring chemicals do not enter the process stream during resin regeneration. Movex is a simple and cost-effective mixed bed external regeneration technology that offers flexible and efficient resin regeneration. Movex is typically used where the ion exchange resins are of fixed ratio and volume. The Movex system also removes suspended solids that have been trapped in the resin during service

High quality resin regeneration

External regeneration of resins has the advantage of very low cross-contamination of the ion exchange resins. By regenerating the resin externally, the physical separation of the operating and chemical handling systems eliminates the risk of chemicals entering the condensate circuit. One central external regeneration unit can serve different operating mixed bed vessels.
Movex offers a range of benefits, such as:

  • Consistent treated water quality
  • Reduced risk of chemicals contaminating product water
  • Robust proven design
  • Fully automated operation
  • Compact footprint

Movex external resin separation & regeneration

The Movex module consists of a regeneration vessel along with the associated pipe work, valves, controls and instrumentation. Resin from the mixed bed service vessel is transferred, using water, to the Movex regeneration vessel. An upward flow of water separates the resins with the cation resin accumulating at the base of the vessel and the anion resin migrating above. The cation resin at the base is then regenerated with acid and the anion resin with caustic, before both resins are rinsed. Once rinsing is complete the resin is mixed ready for return to the service vessel.

Movex Technical Information

Movex offers a range of technical features and benefits for your plant including:

  • Single vessel regeneration system that reduces costs
  • Effective resin cleaning to remove solids trapped in the resin bed
  • Flexible skidded designs
  • Retrofitting to existing plants
  • opsCTRL™ enabled to allow remote digital monitoring and diagnostics from mobile phone, tablet or PC

The Ovivo team works closely with all partners to assist with their resin regeneration needs by providing:

  • Feed studies
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Full design build support
  • Process optimisation
  • Refurbishments and upgrades