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Simple and effective liquid regulation


Telescoping Valves (Tel-Valves) are a simple and effective solution to regulate liquid levels, control flow, flow slitting, and decant operations in wastewater treatment operations.

Tel-Valves have no mechanical or wear items, which minimises operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, allows for installation and operational simplicity, and promotes long service life.

Ovivo provides Tel-Valves in all pipe sizes from 101 to 406 mm (4 to 16 in).  Tel-Valves have no mechanical or wear items, which provide many operational advantages over conventional pumping systems, such as:

  • Minimum O&M
  • Installation and operational simplicity
  • Long service life – airlift pumps are capable of lasting up to 20 years, which is the typical life of a wastewater treatment plant

Tel-Valves consist of a slip tube, seal flange assembly, and receiving tube.  The slip tube is typically made of a lightweight stainless steel and the top of the slip tube can have a plain circular opening or have features such as a flared skimming weir or V-notch opening, depending on the application. The seal flange retains a ring of woven Teflon packing and acts to seal the gap between the slip tube and the receiving tube, while allowing for easy sliding and slipping of the slip tube.

The slip tube is raised and lowered by a manual (typically a hand wheel) or an automatic operator. The manual hand wheel operator uses a stainless steel lifting screw, stem, and bail assembly attached to the top of the slip tube. Automatic operators can be fitted with pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic operators.